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Event Operations Internship / Sports Management

Georgia State Games Commission

The Georgia State Games is one of the largest Amateur Olympic-Style Sports Festivals in the country. We rely HEAVILY on top quality interns to operate many of our sporting Events Projects and Programs. It is a tremendous experience and we had a ton of interns from across the country last year. The interns get a GREAT, HANDS-ON experience. No fetching coffee. Real life planning AND implementation of activities and programs in what they will experience. This is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT experience, much different than any college sports, pro sports or corporate setting being offered to date.

Student Requirements:
We are seeking top level, organized, team oriented, talented, aggressive, outgoing and innovative interns to assist in the preparation and implementation for this year's events. Internship opportunities are offered in both paid and unpaid positions depending on intern's experience & skills, time commitment availability, academic credit ability and semester sought. Housing is also available.
This internship is NOT for the student looking to get by, be a social butterfly or to party for the semester.
All applicants must have strong writing skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
All applicants MUST be strong and willing to market, promote and attract athletes to various sports.

Potential Benefits of a Georgia Games Internship:
-Paid Stipend (limited number available; max $1000 for semester) OR
-Housing & partial meal reimbursement (limited number available)
-Earn academic credit
-Real life on-the-job experience with BIG time responsibilities that other internships do not provide.
-Free parking
-Individual computers
-Internships include semester-long positions

Internship History:
-Internship program has been offered for over 23 years
-Students have come from the following US States: AK, AL, AR, CA, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, ME, MI, MS, MN, NC, ND, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI and WV and from the countries of Canada, China, England, Germany and Hungary just to intern with the Georgia Games.
Internships are first offered to students completing the internship for academic credit.
-Interns have turned down the United State Olympic Committee, Professional and College programs to intern with the Georgia Games.

* Priority will be given to those students completing the internship for academic credit and/or for a graduation requirement.
* Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in college.

To Apply:
Go to under internships and complete an:
1) Application
2) Sports questionnaire
3) Resume and
4) Cover letter.
5) We recommend that, at least one recommendation letter or email be submitted from your most recent employer(s) that can discuss your dependability, work ethic and integrity. Not a family member or professor!

General Description
The Intern will assist the Executive Director in the planning and implementation of the Georgia State Games Olympic Style Sports Festival. Intern duties will vary between sports but will oversee and coordinate all aspects of assigned sports from A to Z to assisting with minor sports. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

-Production and distribution of event promotional materials, entry forms;
-Huge amount of face to face and telephone marketing to attract participants.
-Develop events sponsorship proposals and promotional materials;
-Solicit and obtain sponsors, venders and VIK gifts;
-Communication with the Sports Chairs, venues, Support Services committees, sponsor representatives, event chairpersons, and national governing bodies;
-Assist in the planning, preparation, and presentation of sponsorship and operational logistical meetings
-Conduct all registration and financial reporting for assigned sport;
-Assist in the execution of all events of the Georgia Games Championships;
-Working with the sports coordinators of the team sports to ensure that their requirements for competition are met;
-Marketing, coordinating and overseeing the Georgia Games sports;
-Overseeing the distribution of Games individual sport entry forms;
-Coordinate all on-site venue preparations and breakdowns;
-General troubleshooting and problem solving during the Georgia Games Championships;
-Providing an in depth evaluation and after action report.
-Develop and distribute press releases and human interest stores for assigned sports;
-Conduct marketing campaigns for all assigned sports to develop interest in and encourage registration by deadline dates for each sport;
-Recruit and manage all necessary personnel, officials, volunteers, etc to operate assigned events;
-Solicit and obtain athletes and teams for events through whatever means necessary.
-Ensure that all accounts receivables and accounts payables are completed within one week after events completion.
-Develop necessary list of industry publications to submit post event articles for succeeding years event;
-All other duties as assigned.

All other tasks, duties and responsibilities necessary to ensure a successful event is operated meaning increased participation numbers from previous year, quality customer service, within assigned budget, increased sponsors/vendors and a positive evaluation from participants.

How To Apply For This Internship

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