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Education within a college and/or university is no longer the golden ticket in today's job market. Classes pertaining to your major will not substitute real world experience, of which should be obtained before he or she enters the business world. AGVSPORT offers a bona fide internship experience that will not only prepare you for today's job market, but will transform you into an asset for any company YOU choose to work for. An internship at AGVSPORT never limits a studentís potential to simple filing tasks or office chores. AGV interns are integrated to core business processes so that they are able to not only learn essential business skills, but also understand the meaning of interdependence and cooperation. This is not an internship that consists of atypical grunt work, but hands on experience through direction and personal management.

Duties Include:

Product Reviews
On location shooting/overnight shooting (on occasion)
Sound mixing
Video editing
Customer Service

By the end of this training the trainee will have learned to:

Fuller understanding of the industry and customer knowledge
Compile a portfolio of completed projects at the end of the internship
Real life videographer experience
Provide videos to a small international company

Length Requirement:

The position is open for as long as the student would like, but with a minimum length of 12 weeks, 21 to 35 hours/week.


This position is open to students enrolled at any college or university or a graduate looking for real world experience. The students' interests must lie in communications, film studies, digital media, or video.

College Credit:

While this is an UNPAID internship, student interns will have an opportunity to receive college credit. Contact your undergraduate advising officer for more information on academic credit.

Desired Characteristics:

Knowledge and ability to organize, write and direct videos
Phone etiquette
Basic understanding of email (Outlook)
Experience with video editing software
Customer service skills
Understanding the importance of group work as well as individual work

How To Apply For This Internship

Mail to:
Andrew Roberts
3220 Roderick Road
Frederick, MD 21704

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