Sports Internships  

Retail Intern - National Campus / Sports Management


Purpose of Position:

 Assist in creating educational contentfor both players and providers, allowing us to fulfill our mission of creatinga "Learning Lab" environment for the entire campus.

 Major Duties:
  •  Administrative assistance in settingup educational workshops, courses, blog posts, socials
        and other events
  • Assist in specialty workshops with playerdevelopment players, pros and coaches
  • Assist in scheduling of current interns on campus.
  • Assist Campus Laboratories in on-campus learning labwhich will include Audio/Video production, editing, live streaming and training    of interns and teaching professionals
  • Operate video equipment for educational content
  • Edit audio/video (post-production)
  • Opportunities for on-court teaching/racquetstringing (not mandatory)
  • Any other duties as directed by supervisor



  • Organized,
  • Flexible
  • Experience in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word,Outlook, PowerPoint),
  • Experience in basic video/audio editing software (orable to pick up on quickly)
  • experience in basic live stream production.


How To Apply For This Internship

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