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AM8 International

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Home to the world's leading scientist on athlete performance, AM8 International is making history. It's CEO, Dr. Berge found what no one in the history of sport has ever found. As a result, publications have been made for everyone - not just the scientific community.

Work Type: Internship

Salary: Voluntary + honorarium

Location: We’re recruiting Globally at the moment, so all through the U.S, Europe, Middle East and Asia

Detailed Description:

Everyone asking for experience and not sure where to start?
Want to make a difference to the sporting world - globally?
Interested in securing a career with the world's leading scientist on athlete performance?
Eager to delve into a business about to take off?
Then we need you!

Home to the world's leading scientist on athlete performance, AM8 International is making history. It's CEO, Dr. Berge found what no one in the history of sport has ever found. As a result, publications have been made for everyone - not just the scientific community.

This has so far achieved THREE book titles in the space of 1 year with more to come. Moving forward, coach education courses and elite coaching are only some of many services on offer by AM8 International.

On offer is the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a small business environment that is on the move – globally.

Expansion is imminent, but this doesn’t mean employee growth – it means increased rewards.

At AM8 International the Business Model is set to keep a tight-knit team that works together, and ultimately thrives together.

Founded by the world’s leading scientist on athlete performance, whilst having completed their doctorate at Griffith University with a research premise that went global – also identifying something that has never been uncovered in the history of sport, we’re talking big impact, but from our very own backyard.
But don’t be mistaken. The coaching isn’t necessarily our niche – the world is our oyster.

Niche markets have been identified with three main premises – sports (performance), sports (health and wellbeing), and education (teaching and learning approaches) – with their corresponding subsidiaries.

What we need?

Someone willing to show us what they can do - for us.
If and when targets are hit over a set probation period, we're looking to bring you on board - you'll choose your hours. We want you to be happy, and reward you too. Set sales forecasts are on hand and we need someone to make this their own and run with it.


  • An interest in sports
  • An interest in education (sports, health and wellbeing)
  • PR know-how
  • Marketing "UMPH"
  • Your niche - your passion - YOUR CAREER on show
  • Elite sporting world interest
  • A want to learn – independently and collaboratively (we’ll be there for you, but not beside you; we want to give freedom and flexibility whilst encouraging you to give your input – to be listened to, and heard)
  • Education curriculum interest - we’re working our way into every provider
  • An interest in growing with a business (not a corporate structure)
  • Awareness of publishing and getting the word out
  • The want to show us what you can do and help us grow – then we’ll want to keep you!
  • Time management and organisational skills to control your life – you’ll be based from home with weekly meetings (at a mutual convenient time)

    What's in it for me?

  • Experience with the world's leader on athlete performance, a mentorship on offer to not only get to know, but interact with Dr. Berge, and the opportunity to grow with AM8 International. The best part? We want to look after you. This means if targets and/or forecasts are hit consistently, we're talking a lucrative salary.
  • If the sporting domain is your interest, you’ll have direct access to specific-feedback about your own performance – regardless of your sport (this is an athlete friendly internship).
  • Going through the academic ranks and want to progress? You’ll have access to someone who has gone all the way; from beginning their undergraduate studies, receiving a full athletic sponsorship and scholarship in the United States respectively, then going on to become one of the world’s most qualified coaches – globally; before moving on to do their Masters and subsequent PhD (doctorate) in their own backyard. This isn’t to mention the publication of three books in the space of oneyear and the redesign and development of their own business with the focus to help the sporting world – world-wide.
  • You’ll be one of a select few that will receive all publications first from the printer at a discounted rate (valued between $240.00 - $410.00)
  • Experience managing your time – with others depending on you; and seeing the results.
  • A reference after your time at AM8 International and the option to use AM8 International as a direct on-call referee.
  • After 3 months – you’ll hopefully have shown us what you’re made of – what you can do! If we feel as though you’re the right fit, we’ll work with you and your studies to ensure you can stay with us – we’ll want to bring you on board! But, if you haven’t quite shown us what you can bring due to your academic commitments, we’ll consider a little longer to keep showing us and work towards us not wanting to ever let you go!
  • Long-term we’re looking for the right person, or people, who want to grow with us, with the potential to move towards a $50,000.00 plus salary within 1-2 years (projected to increase to circa $100,000.00 p.a during years 3-4 (minimum) – we’re committed to looking after those who want to look after us at AM8 International).

    What we're after:

  • Honesty and open communication
  • SALES – you thrive off helping and giving the consumer (parent, athlete, coach) what they need to succeed!
  • YOUR market - YOUR exposure - YOUR reputation - TOWARDS your career
  • 10 hours of time FREE weekly – if you’re good at what you do, maybe less – if you’re still learning the ropes, maybe more – at the end of the day it’s about showing us what you can do and sticking around if you’re a good match!
  • Your input – at the end of the day, we want to help you grow into the professional of your choosing
  • The ability to commit to seeing a task through
  • Equality mindset – we’re all inclusive
  • To look after your health – this means zero tolerance for illegal substance use


    For the right fit, anywhere in world.

    Where you'll be working? From home to begin before the option becomes available to move into your own office space - you choose.

    Selection Criteria:


  • Effective time management
  • Exceptional organisational skills
  • A TALKER! Making "noise" comes easy
  • Understanding the development of elite athletes, and coaches
  • Tertiary qualifications (current students encouraged to apply along with graduates)


  • Working with children check
  • Geographic knowledge
  • PR savvy
  • Market awareness

    Please send CV to email provided along with what you can bring (outside the box!) alongside a sentence or two about your understanding of elite athletes and coaches, and if you believe they are lacking or are truly the best at what they do (honesty is the best policy).
    No need to fret, paragraphs are not required.

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