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Intern: Assoc Technical Artist - ArtWorks / Sports Equipment

EA Sports

Title: Assistant Technical Artist Internship
Location: Orlando, FL

The Assistant Technical Artist will be responsible for assisting and maintaining asset pipelines, development workflows, and tools supervised by more senior member(s) within the TA domain. The Assistant Technical Artist must be able to work under a supervising TA and be able to interpret and execute technical requirements with minimal supervision.

At the completion of this internship, a candidate will have a minimum level of understanding with current game development engines, DCC tools, and development workflows, helping to guide Artist in enforcing Art guidelines, such as polygon counts, memory budgets, scene setup, and etc.

Scope of Responsibility / Ownership

  • Troubleshoot and find solutions to problems often experienced by Content Artist.
  • Content Artist
  • Support and assist in project setup.
  • Proactively seek out inefficiencies and problems
  • Create and maintain documents outlining art production needs, including in-game integration, 3rd party/in-house tools, and art asset critiques.
  • Maintain regular communication with External Vendors and Internal Teams.

Software Skills (Desired)

  • Knowledge of CG fundamentals: modeling, texturing/shading/surfacing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing
  • Understanding of content creation/management pipelines for game production
  • Experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
  • Experience with DCC apps. Houdini and\or Maya.
  • Experience with programming/scripting languages. Python and\or C#
  • Experience with a game engine such as Unreal, Unity, etc.
  • Experience with tool development that may include world editing tools, 2D and 3D art content pipelines, art importers/exporters, automated content/data build systems and GUI development.
  • Experience with Perforce or Shotgun
  • Ability to analyze and improve workflow to enhance group productivity.
  • Strong technical communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills. Self-driven
  • A passion for games
  • Basic knowledge of 3D software packages (DCC) - Maya, Substance, Zbrush, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of 2D software packages (DCC) - Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of common production software - MS Office, Visio . . . etc
  • Basic knowledge of common communication software - Skype, Slack, . . . etc

Coding Skills

  • Basic knowledge of coding methodologies
  • Basic knowledge of one scripting language (ie. Python, C#, Java, JavaScript)

Computing Skills

  • Basic knowledge of computer and network operations
  • Minimal experience required.

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