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Software Engineering Intern / Sports Media

Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation

This internship is for Summer 2021.

Software Engineering Intern

San Francisco, CA


As a Software Engineering Intern, you will design and code PlayStation-side software components, systems, and features. You will handle individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables. You will adhere to standardized design techniques and coding standards in order to improve, test, and deploy our software.


  • Pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science (or related field) and/or within 1 year of their post-graduation date
  • You have demonstrated success in partnering and collaborating with other members
  • Highly motivated with outstanding verbal and written communication skills and not afraid to ask for help/seek knowledge
  • Working experience building distributed and scalable software
  • You have built software using Java, Go, Kotlin or similar languages
  • You have proven understanding of service oriented architecture and familiarity with microservices architecture
  • You have knowledge of different data storage technologies like Cassandra, Couchbase etc
  • Knowledge of virtualization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • You have a good understanding of public cloud design like AWS or GCE

How To Apply For This Internship

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