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Software Engineer Intern / Sports Media


Individual with C#/ASP.Net programming background to provide web application development.

Internships are at least 140 hours, either 10 hours a week for 14 weeks or 20 hours a week for 7 weeks and will be primarily over the Internet unless interns have a residence in Cincinnati. All internships are for college credit only. College credit paperwork must be arranged and completed by the intern. WhatIfSports will provide student intern and college / university / trade school intern director with a program description including student work and reporting requirements and will sign student internship forms required by college / university / trade school. Letters of referral and work description will be provided to future employers.

Weekly progress reports and time sheets are required. You need to verify with your school that they have a program such that you can acquire school credit for this kind of an internship.

If you're interested in potentially working here, you may apply via email. Please send a copy of you resume. Put the text of your resume in the body of the email, and do NOT send as an attachment.

How To Apply For This Internship

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